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Nice thought! People say I always think too big and need to focus on the small details. What can I do to focus my big start-up/idea to be successful? Great company mission!

Bruce Ziebarth

Many people think too small. Not only for their businesses but for their personal lives as well. They accept where they are at, or one to two steps above their current position, as their "destiny".

Here is a personal example. I decided at 14 I was going to be a millionaire by 30. I am now 27, although I am far from a millionaire, I have achieved several other milestones:
1) I hold a position with the State Dept of Health that requires a college degree. I don't have one, yet.
2) I have went into "trouble" departments for three companies and turned them around within 90 days. Achieving productivity gains ranging from 100 to 300%.
3) I was instrumental in taking one company 98% paperless and am now helping to do this within the department of health.
4) I recently was offered the director of our county Medical Reserve Corps.

I say this not to blow my own horn. I say this as an example to anyone who has ever heard "You have too much ambition". This was a comment I have heard hundreds of times in the last nine years. Now I hear "How have you done this?" and "You must have political connections?" If you ever hear these statements than it is likely your hard work is paying off.

Always remember "Shoot for the moon and you will land among the stars."

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