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Des Walsh

Hi Coop

Congratulations on having the courage to put it out there and make the statement. Now, I wonder if you are willing to share with us your vision of a perfect clientele?

Warm regards from Sydney



Great question. Perfect clientele for the meeting facilitation technique is very tough - not sure I can answer that. But here are some examples:
1.) Sales team who want to create clear action plans ot meet their goals.
2.) Boards of Directors who want to use their time efficiently to do strategic/action planning. 3.) Companies who want to involve their customers with their marketing/engineering/product managers to create REAL solutions for their customer problems/needs.

Our other services are trainings for Advanced Communications Skills and Management Skills. The perfect clientele for those are medium-sized firms who want to improve their bottom lines by focusing on what causes great performance from their employees (both of these trainings focus on skills that impact the bottom line).

Thanks for asking. Is this clear? If you met this criteria, what else would you want to know? What needs to be clearer about this? :)

Bruce Ziebarth

I would totally agree with you. Many people are afraid of success which causes them to procrastinate, not follow through, get bored, quit an opportunity, or find reasons why it cannot be done. Recognizing the problem is the first step to solving it. Telling people about it is a great second step. This makes other people aware of it and puts pressure on you to change. Goal setting is also an important component. Through this process you will see many small successess which will prepare you mentally for the larger ones.


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